I’ve noticed that whenever I see someone struggle with their marketing (whether in their online or offline business), it is normally that they have not yet got all the clarity they need about their market, their message, and their medium. So let me explain what I mean by each of these…




The Market

So the first thing is the market. The market WHO you are selling to. And please don’t say “I’m selling to everyone” because you’re not. There is a certain group of people who are more predisposed to buy from you. The more closely you can identify who those people are, the easier it’s going to be to reach them.  For example, say you were trying to get a letter to your cousin in Scotland and the way you decided to do that was to hire a plane to fly over and send out 10,000 letters from your plane; that’s not the most effective way to reach your cousin, is it?

You’d rather just mail direct to your cousin’s address. Yet, what I’ve just described is how most people are attending to their marketing. They’re trying to get one blanket message out there in the hope that it will land on the few people or the key individuals that they want to sell to. Targeted marketing starts with you really understanding who your customers are and most importantly, what it is that they really, really want.  The more that you can understand the hopes and fears and desires and aspirations and challenges faced by your audience, the better you’re going to be able to serve them.


The Message

So the next thing to establish once you know the who, is the what. And the what is your message for them. What is it that you can do for them? What is it that you have that solves their problem or challenge? What is it that you really want them to know or understand? What is the difference that you can make to them and how are you gonna make that available to them? What are the promises that you can make in your marketing? What are the things that you can do for them? So you want to spend some time crafting a message that really speaks to your target audience so that when your target audience hears it they go, “Of course, where have you been all my life. This is just what I’ve been looking for.”


The Medium

So now you know who you’re talking to and what you are saying to them – what is the best way to reach them? Now, it’s time to figure out the medium you are going to use. Is it going to be offline or online? Is it going to be through direct mail or is it going to be via a phone call? Is it going to be through a magazine or publication or is it going to be via another message method? Is it going to be through social media? And if it’s social media, is it going to be Facebook or You Tube or LinkedIn or all of them?

What often happens is I see people wrestling with medium type questions. So they come to me and they say, “Bernadette, where is the best place for me to advertise? Should I be in Facebook or Youtube?”  At that point, we aren’t even ready to go there – we need to back up to couple of questions.

We need to get clear on who it is you’re trying to reach and what your message is for them. Once you answer those two questions, the medium stuff does fall into place – you’ll know exactly the best place to reach your ideal clients with your message.

I hope this has helped you and brought some clarity and shone a light on what’s been going on with your own marketing. If you’ve been struggling, possibly I’ve just helped you to see, “Oh, I haven’t got clear on my message yet,” or “Oh, I haven’t really, you know, dialed in to who my ideal client is. I need to focus on that first.”

Get focused on that, and you’ll see how your later medium questions will automatically fall into place.

I hope this has helped you, and as always I’d love to hear your comments. Please leave them in the chat below and I look forward to connecting with you there.