An inspiring story about helping others REACH their goals ...

My nephew Ryan is a strapping rugby-playing 28-year old now, but he wasn't even 2 when this happened...

I was babysitting him the day after a family celebration, and there was one lone helium balloon alongside us with a ribbon dangling from it.

You know how much kids love balloons, and Ryan was no exception, so he was reaching as high as he could for the balloon but there was still a gap of 10-12 inches between his fingers and the ribbon. It remained tantalisingly just of reach....


As I watched him straining and reaching for the balloon, my first impulse was just to grab it and hand it to him. But I stopped myself, because I could see he wanted more than just the balloon; he wanted to REACH the balloon. See the difference?

So instead I walked behind him and lifted him up the few inches he needed to be able to reach for his prize.

Ryan got his balloon! And as I looked at the delight on his face as he celebrated...
I got a lot more....


This experience taught me a couple of things.

Ryan's determination and focus on the balloon inspired me to step in and support him to get what he really wanted. If there's something you really want, stay focused and keep reaching for it, even if it seems impossible.

Joseph Campbell talks about 'a thousand unseen helping hands'. Never underestimate how YOUR focus and determination will inspire others to support you.

If you really want to help people, you're going to be a lot more effective when you lift them up and support them to achieve their own 'wins'.

That way, they don't just get their goal, they get the confidence and self-belief that comes from knowing that THEY got their goal. There's a difference.

The pleasure and confidence that comes from achieving is as great as, if not greater than, the prize.

What about you?


Have you got examples of where your focus and intent inspired the help you needed at just the right time? Or maybe you, like me, were inspired to step in and lift a person up and support them. I'd love to hear your story!