FROM THE DESK OF: Bernadette Doyle

RE: What if it was you and I in this pic?

What if you could spend a few days hanging out with me in a luxury villa…

…sipping cocktails and basking in the warm sunshine…

…while you and I work together on dramatically growing your business?

What would we work on first?

Multiplying your profits?

Freeing up more of your time?


Gaining more authority in your marketplace?

That’s just 3 things I’ve rattled off the top of my head (plenty more where they came from!)

Whatever your answer may be, if you’re determined to experience a dramatic breakthrough in your business… then keep reading.

If you’re ready to take the next BIG step up in your business, then this could be just the breakthrough you’re looking for!


The Ultimate Business Retreat

Here’s what’s happens.

For 3 full days you’ll join me and 3 other super-successful business owners in a private, luxury villa.

It will be our “home” for 3 days, and as far as business retreats go… it really doesn’t get much more intimate than this!

(…by the way, your life/business partner is more than welcome to attend too)

Fancy joining me in a luxury villa for 3 days?

The plan is to spend lots of quality time together, relaxing, soaking in the sun and ocean breeze… while also putting our heads together and getting down to some serious business strategizing

Now, that truly is my idea of “fun in the sun”! During the 3 days, I’ll be spending lots of one-on-one time with you so we can create a strategic step by step plan to fulfill all the outcomes you want in your business over the next year.

Plus, there will be plenty of “group time” where we can share ideas and brainstorm each others businesses too.

My goal for this experience is to create the ultimate environment of relaxation, creativity, and growth.

And to make it extra special, I’ll be hiring a masseuse so we can get super relaxed and also a private chef to rustle us up some delicious meals.

If that sounds like fun, let me also explain why this experience will also be seriously profitable for you.
How Big Do Want Your Business To Be, And How Fast Do You Want To Get There?
Before we decide on how best I can help you, let’s figure out where you’re currently at in your business.



You’ve weathered the ‘entrepreneurial storm’ and come out the other side with a successful business… however you’re now hitting a ceiling of complexity and overwhelm that’s stopping you growing to the next level…


For the amount of time and energy you’re putting into your business, you’re unsatisfied with how much you’re getting back… and… day by day you’re losing the spark and enthusiasm you once had when you first started out…


You’re getting more and more tied down by your business every day, and it feels like you’ve created a glorified JOB that you can’t escape…


Each day you feel like you’re having to push yourself to work harder and harder – just to stay ahead of the competition – and you’re not sure how long things can continue this way…

Look, if any of the above is familiar to you, then it definitely sounds like you need a business breakthrough.

And what better way to do this than to…

…Get Some Personalized One-On-One Help From Someone Who Has Successfully Mastered and Overcome These Same Problems

And that’s exactly what I’m offering you.

For 3 full days I’ll be by your side helping you create a strategic plan (specifically tailored to you) for getting the exact results YOU want… depending on where you’re at with your business right now.

Whatever you want help with is entirely up to you, and with 15+ years of being one of the leaders in my industry, here’s a brief list of how I can be of service…



to (at least) triple your profits over the next 6 to 12 months without having to work harder or longer hours – so you can flood your business with newly found profits and dramatically grow to the next level… while creating a bigger lifestyle for yourself and your family.


tightening up

and streamlining your business – so you can remove yourself from working IN your business and instead start working ON it… allowing you to work at a higher level while also enjoying more free time to do what you love.



your business to make it more scalable and setting up a path of continued growth – so not only can you grow your profits in the short term, but you can also create a sellable asset for the future (if you want to).


Analyse everything

you’ve got going on in your business right now – including all the possibilities and endless ideas buzzing around in your head – and show you exactly what to focus on next – so you can take 90% off your ‘to-do’ list and ONLY focus your time and resources on the most profitable opportunities in your business… and ruthlessly remove distractions that shouldn’t be there.



on how to avoid all the big and expensive mistakes most people (my former self included) tend to make when trying to grow their business – so you can drastically cut the painful learning curve and shave entire years off your journey to growing the business you want.

…and that’s just brief list of what we can work on.

Maybe you want to launch something completely new, like a new front-end service, or a high-end mastermind on the back end so you can experience newly found profits.

Maybe you want to move sideways and set up a new service in a completely different niche.

Either way, my mission is to bring you true CLARITY of the next action steps you need to take to quickly advance your business to the next level.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly WHAT you need to do to multiply your profits in a way that’s leveraged and reclaims more of your time… and it’ll be a much simpler plan than you can possibly imagine.

When I work with private clients I’m told over and over again that I’ve got a real “knack” for helping them focus on the winning opportunities that they’re not seeing – on many occasions I’ve even been told that my advice seems “controversial” and they’re reluctant to follow it at first because I’m telling my clients to simply get rid of much of what they are already doing and to focus on one or two things instead.
So if I had to describe my “superhero power”, it would be that I have the ability to look at everything you’ve got going on in your business and, with almost X-Ray vision, I can instantly see exactly what you need to do next (and what you need to drop) to get to the next level.
As an example, one of my favorite clients, Nicola, had a handful of her own coaching clients when she started working with me, and she wanted me to help her get more. After looking at her business as a whole I could instantly see that getting more clients would simply take up more of her time and instead she would be better off focusing on creating more scalability – so I helped Nicola focus on this instead. Fast forward a couple of years and Nicola now has a 7-figure business that she runs part-time.

“So Just How Profitable Can This Experience Really Be?”

Look, I understand you might be thinking, “Bernadette, as great as this sounds, how can relaxing with you in the sun at some tropical destination for 3 days possibly lead to a business breakthrough?”

And that’s a very good question.

Because this experience is truly different to any other event out there:

(1) You WON’T be sitting in a big seminar room with lots of other attendees.

(2) You WON’T be hearing lots of different strategies and ideas you can apply in your business, but which might not actually be relevant to you.

(3) You WON’T be left on your own to then figure out which strategies you need to deploy in your business to get to the next level.

(4) You WON’T be in a constant group situation where you’re fighting for one-on-one attention.

Instead, this is an ultra-rare and exclusive opportunity where you can hang out with me personally while I work with you one-on-one and create a plan that’s specifically tailored to YOU… leaving you with a feeling of renewed confidence and excitement for the future of your business.

Getting To The Next Level Is Far Easier When You’ve Been Shown A Clear Path By Someone Who’s Already There…

as I’m writing this

i’m thinking back to…

…one of the first “big ticket” events I attended in Washington (USA) with one of my first mentors many years ago.

I was just a couple of years into my business then and, travel and accommodation aside, my ticket to the event cost me $10,000. This was a bit of a stretch for me at the time… plus it was only a few months after my second son was born.

Like most newborns, Benan was pretty high maintenance, so you can imagine the little time I did have to focus on my business was even more precious to me at that point in time – I simply had to make this work!

But regardless of the sheer struggle of finding the time (and the money) to drag myself over to the other side of the world, I knew I’d made the right decision.

Because despite the fact that there were 20-30 other attendees at this event… I managed to get some valuable one-on-one time with my mentor and he helped me put together a plan to focus on for the next year in my business.

As a result, I came away from the event with a clear and strategic plan… and my limiting beliefs about what was possible for my business were totally shattered.

This gave me a huge feeling of relief and clarity, and in the months following that event I worked on fewer projects and had much more focus.

Since then I haven’t looked back because using the simple plan I was given at that event, combined with my elevated mindset of what’s possible, I went on to TRIPLE my income that year while working less than ever…

…and to this day, I can honestly say I’m still earning money from the next-level strategies and ideas I learnt at that event all that time ago.

I Want You To Experience This Too!

and when you attend one of my exclusive business retreats

that’s exactly what I intend for you.

Yes, we’ll unwind and share stories over meals and drinks.

Yes, we’ll sit by the pool soaking in the sun and enjoying the ocean breeze.

Yes, we’ll be well and truly spoiled and pampered over the 3 days.

But most importantly, we’ll be getting down to some serious work on creating a new breakthrough future for you.

I simply love helping high achievers with their business, and once I get started good luck trying to get me to stop!

Plus, in the evening when the wine starts flowing, no doubt I’ll be sharing some of my more candid stories from my 15+ years in business that even my private clients haven’t heard.

Hmmm… I might ask you to sign a non-disclosure form before attending! – just kidding 🙂

You see, one of the best things about these intimate events is the stuff that isn’t planned.

The unexpected breakthroughs you can have by simply being in each other’s company, and spontaneously interacting with like-minded individuals all on the same path is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

I’m getting excited just thinking about all the million-dollar ideas we’re going to be uncovering during our 3 days together!

Here’s What To Expect When You Get Here…

private transfer

When you land at the chosen destination, a private driver will be waiting for you on the other side to whisk you straight to the beautiful villa.

time to unwind

During your stay you can make full use of the facilities in the villa since it will be your home for the next 3 days…so relax, unwind by the pool, and remember I’ll also be hiring a masseuse to help you get super relaxed 🙂


freshen up

When you arrive at the villa  you’ll have the chance to freshen up, get comfortable, and prepare for the next 3 days ahead – we’ll have the whole villa to ourselves.

wonderful food

All food and drinks will be included, and we’ll even have a private chef on hand to create some gorgeous evening meals (if you have any special dietary requirements please let me know in advance).

luxury room

Your room will be a twin room for you and your guest (if you’re bringing one) and will include either a double bed or two single beds – depending on who you’re bringing!

As far as the set business itinerary is concerned, here’s what I have planned for you over the three days…

Day #1: Your Business X-Ray

On Day 1 you’ll meet with me one-on-one and we’ll do a DEEP dive into everything you’ve got going on in your business right now – you’ll lay it all out for me, warts and all!

We’ll look at everything you’re working on, the results you’re currently getting, the results you want in the near future, all the projects and ideas you’re considering… and we’ll just get everything out into the open.

This process of laying everything out alone will be hugely beneficial to you because you’ll be getting everything out of your head and off your chest – trust me, you’ll feel a whole lot better at the end of this process.

Once it’s all laid out in front of me, I’ll then start to work on sifting through everything you’ve shared with me about your business in preparation for our next session.

Day #2: Zeroing In On Your Most Profitable Opportunities

During our second session, after going through everything you’ve shared with me on Day 1, I’ll help you identify the key opportunities you should be focusing on right now… and what you need to quickly drop.

As I mentioned earlier, some of the advice I give you at this stage may seem a bit “controversial” (and might even sting a little!) but as we talk it through and I show you what’s possible, I guarantee you’ll start to seeing things differently… and you’ll feel like a huge weight is being lifted off your shoulders with a renewed sense of excitement and confidence.

My goal is to get you thinking MUCH bigger for your business by showing you the opportunities that you’re currently not seeing clearly.

During this session we’ll also start outlining a strategic plan for you to think about and mull over in your mind in preparation for Day 3.

Day #3: Finalising Your Tailored Action Plan

During our third session we’ll finalize your action plan and flesh out the next steps so that you have a clear, multi-phase plan to execute in your business over the next 6 to 12 months.

The plan I’ll create with you will be strategically set up so that each phase flows into the next, and at each stage you’re positioning yourself for your next power play every step of the way.

You’ll complete the 3 days with full clarity on the next actions you need to take, which will be completely bespoke to you and your business so we’ll be maximizing your strengths and taking advantage of everything you already have in place.

“What Happens For The Rest Of 3 Days?”

While I’m working one-on-one with the other guests, this will give you some personal downtime to reflect on and work on what we’ve discussed, or to simply relax and recharge your batteries.

Plus there will be plenty of group interaction time where we’ll all hang out and discuss each other’s businesses and generally talk mindset, and have lots of relaxing fun.

And when it’s time to return home after the 3 days, don’t worry I’ve still got you covered, because as a special bonus I’ll be making myself available for 4 further one-on-one sessions so that I can check your progress and help course-correct you along the way.

As you can probably tell, I’m super committed to help you get the results you deserve.

Are You Ready To Mainline My Profit-Getting Strategies Directly Into Your Business?

Attendance to one of these extremely rare, intimate, and profitable experiences are strictly by application only.

And since there are few rooms in most villas (1 of which will be for me), that means that space is limited.

So with that said, I’m going to be EXTRA selective about who I bring along.

If you’re serious about joining me for this extremely profitable 3-day retreat then you’ll meet ALL of the following criteria…


You’ve been working full-time in your business for at least two years.


You understand the sheer value of this kind of experience for yourself, AND the other attendees, and you’re committed to interacting and making the most of it during your stay.


Your business is already providing you with a comfortable living and you’re NOT desperately seeking a solution to stay afloat or start making money right now.


You have the means to financially invest in this type of experience, and you understand that the real cost at this level in business is the time you’re currently investing in doing the wrongs things… and you want help putting this right.


You’re the type of person who takes fast action on big ideas and is prepared to meet any challenges head on along the way (in other words, no wingers or whiners please!)


Most importantly, you’re exactly the type of person who will dig in and extract a ton of value from this one of a kind experience..

“So how much is all this going to cost?”

I’m going to be blunt here.

Because hiring an expensive villa for 3 days, and all the “wining and dining” costs aside…

…if you wanted to have me fly in and consult with you on your business for 3 days, it would cost a minimum of $20,000 per day (not including travel and accommodation expenses).

So this event is definitely not for the typical small business owner.

And in no way should it be either.

You get to spend time with me, up close and personal for 3 full days.

You get my full, undivided attention on you and your business.

We’ll be creating a super strategic plan to triple your business over the next 6 to 12 months.

All in a luxury setting designed to elevate your mindset and flood your senses with limitless possibility… and to get you thinking bigger than you ever have before.

But here’s the good news… even though this ultimate business retreat is easily worth more than $50,000 I’m going to price it less than the cost of a single day to have me consult with you.

So all in, this 3-day event to have me personally work with you and help you take your business to the next level weighs in at an extremely reasonable $15,000.

And think about this for a second. If you DON’T take advantage of this opportunity, how many wasted hours of time and energy are you going to pour into your business if things stay the same over the next 6 months?

Considering the extra profits and extra time I’ll help you create this year alone, then a better question would be how can you afford not to do this!

And as if this opportunity couldn’t get any better, I’ll also throw in these extra bonuses to ensure you have the absolute best chance of success from this event.

Bonus #1:

4 Further ‘Remote’ One-On-One Sessions (value – $10,000)
After the 3 days have come to an end I’ve still got you covered, because as a special bonus I’ll make myself available to you for 4 further remote one-on-one sessions that you can redeem any time within six months of the retreat. During these sessions I’ll check the progress you’re making, make sure you’re sticking to the plan and you’re on the right track… and give you any help you need to ensure you get the results you want, fast!

Bonus #2:

Lifetime Access to my Online Profits University (value – $10,000)

This is my brand new members only platform where I exclusively share my very latest training on how to grow your business over the 5 stages of business growth. Depending on which stage your business is at, you’ll have proven strategies, templates and resources at your fingertips to help you grow to the next level… while keeping up to date with exactly what’s working right now in my business.

Bonus #3:

Access To My Swipe File Of My Winning Campaigns (value – $15,000)

Since I’ve been online all these years, I’ve amassed a pretty big swipe file of winning campaigns – everything from webinars, tele-summits, events, low ticket items, coaching offers, continuity programs, launches, up-sells… you name it!

As you can probably tell, the bonuses above alone are worth far more than the fee is going to be for you to come join me at this intimate event.

Here’s what to do next…

So with that said, it’s time to decide if you want to gain the kind of next-level business growth that can only be experienced at an event like this.

As I’ve already mentioned, space is limited for these exclusive retreats..

So if you’re reading this right now and you want me to work with you personally in your business, then my best advice is to go ahead and submit your application below as I’ll be speaking to applicants on a first-come first-served basis.

Please make sure to fill out the answer fully, and I look forward to speaking with you in the next few days to go over retreat dates and to see if this a good fit.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully we’ll be meeting soon…


P.S. I reckon Einstein said it best when he stated the following:

“We cannot solve our problems using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”

Or to put this another way… what got you to where you are in your business today is not what’s going to get you to the next level.

And that’s certainly been my experience during this crazy up and down journey of building a business.

Without fail, every time I’ve reached out for help from my mentors on the next level or above, it has ALWAYS paid off super fast… and many, many times over.

I want this for you, too!

So go ahead and submit your application above now if it makes sense for you to do so.


P.P.S. In case you’re interested in the kind of results we aim for on this retreat, here are some of the highlights from the retreats I have held in the past:

(1) Within ONE month after attending the retreat, one of the attendees banked £100,000 in payments (not sales) thanks to a strategy I helped her mastermind during the 3 days.

(2) Another attendee reported that she freed up exactly 15 hours of her time immediately after I helped her streamline her operations and showed her exactly what she should be focusing on, and what to remove.

(3) Two business partners who attended the retreat hadn’t previously realized they were missing a key role in their company. After working with me the need for this key role emerged, and within a couple of weeks of the retreat they had the position filled by a superstar team member.

NOTE: This is just a brief highlight of the big improvements I helped these amazing women make. And it’s worth noting they were already super smart and successful business ladies in their own right… but it just goes to show that can never underestimate the power of a fresh pair of eyes and an outside perspective.

I hope you’re imagining the results I can help you achieve when you join me at the Ultimate Business Retreat!