If I were to ask you about your competitors, your mind would probably instantly jump to other business owners in your niche, with offerings similar to what you do, right?

But today I want to talk about three other ‘competitors’ competing for your prospective clients’ attention, that you might not even be aware of.

Who are they?

Well, it’s not who...but what.

I’m talking about the things your clients-to-be believe are stopping them from being able to work with you or achieving the transformation you offer.

There are three common ones I see all the time, regardless of your niche:

·         Overwhelm

·         Overcomplicating things

·         Lack of time

Let me give you a couple of examples...

Firstly, a health and wellbeing coach. Their prospective clients are telling themselves that getting healthy means having to carve out several hours a day to exercise and prepare wholesome food (lack of time).

They think they need to follow a complicated diet and exercise regime that involves a ton of unusual foods the rest of the family won’t want to eat, and a garage full of exercise equipment (overcomplicating things).

Plus they’re worried about where to start and what will happen when they have the inevitable wobbles and off-days (overwhelm).

Secondly, in my own business. My prospective clients are already time-pressed because they’re trying to set up complicated sales funnels, run Facebook challenges, set up webinars, post multiple times a day on every social media platform (lack of time and overcomplicating things) but it’s still not consistently bringing in paying clients.

They also don’t know what different strategies they should be focusing on instead and the thought of starting new strategies and those not working feels scary (overwhelm).   

As you can see, overwhelm, overcomplicating things, and a perceived lack of time are three BIG issues that are stealing your prospective clients’ attention.

This is why you need to shine a light on them.

And then you need to demonstrate how you can help solve these issues so they can achieve their desired goals.

For example, show how you simplify things to deal with most people’s tendency to over complicate.

Explain how you help clients to stay focused only on what matters, so they can reach their transformation in spite of being busy.

And share how your coaching helps your clients deal with overwhelm, so they can stay in forward momentum rather than getting stuck and giving up.

In my program Get Clients, Make Money I help you get clear on who and what is competing for your prospects’ attention, and I show you how to write compelling content and magnetic messaging, so your ideal clients are drawn to you and see you as the person who can help them achieve the transformation they desire.

As well as the core training, you also get weekly live group coaching with me for ongoing support and accountability as you take action on the training, PLUS a monthly live copy clinic with personal feedback on your content and messaging from our copywriting expert.

When I help my clients move past these issues which are competing for their attention, they get results fast.

As my client, Jules said, “Focussing on everything you taught and 100% attention on those who have the money in their hands – I have just agreed to a £25.8k deal...alongside this I’m pretty sure I’ll secure another £24k deal for a 12 week program...and should now finally be close to signing the £45k deal.”