Has this ever happened to you?

You’re speaking to a prospective client and it seems like they’re the perfect match for what you offer, and you know your product or service can help them achieve what they want, but when it comes to the price they say...

“...that’s just too much”

And suddenly the conversation is heading off the rails fast.

I get asked this a lot in my coaching calls, so I’ve recorded a video about it.

Click here to watch it:

If this has ever happened to you, maybe you felt obliged to offer something at a lower price, or pushed into a corner to give a discount.

So should you do this?

And what are the consequences if you do?

My advice on this dilemma might surprise you. In fact it might push some buttons.

But because I’m here to serve you, I know what I’m sharing in this video will help you when you inevitably encounter that response of ‘the price is too much.’

None of us is immune to this happening by the way. It’s happened to me, and it happens with my clients. The trick is to know how best to respond.

Watch the video and get my take on it so you’ll know exactly what to do next time it happens to you.