The fastest way to achieve anything in your life is to become the person who already has it.  This is the key to your Freedom Business!

Whenever I want to create anything new in my life, I connect with the ‘future me’ who already has it. And then I let that ‘future me’ guide me.

How does she face a particular challenge that I might be facing?
How would she make a decision that I have to make?
How would she sip her morning coffee? Or brush her teeth?

I’m serious. I have found that aligning with the version of me who is already being what I want to become is the fastest method of change. This is how you make your success inevitable.

Embody The Future You – Embody Your Freedom Business

When you truly embody the future you, the world responds to you differently. Old patterns and habits fall way, new relationships and opportunities show up. What used to feel unfamiliar now feels natural. lt’s like those movies where the protagonists wake up in a different world.

This alone trumps planning, taking massive action or learning a whole lot of new skills.

A Step-By-Step Plan Will Only Get You So Far

The bottom line is a step by step plan will get you so far, but it will only get you as far as other people who have already figured that out. And what if your destiny is to create something that’s never been created or experienced before? The ONLY mentor who can guide you to your freedom business is the future you.

It’s amazing what you can learn ‘on the job’ when you show up as the future you.

I haven’t shared much of this outside of my higher level programs before now.

Not because I was with-holding, but honestly because I thought people would think I was weird.

You’re going to hear me share so much more about this over the coming months. (About becoming the future you, not about the fact that I’m weird)

And if you’re ready to hear more and understand how you can use this strategy to create your true freedom business and the life you want, then stick with me.  I’ve some incredible content to share with you.

I’m going to show you how to experience TRUE freedom.

I’m talking about a TRUE freedom business and freedom in every area of your life.

Not the fake freedom that pops up in your newsfeed from people who tout a freedom business but are actually working 80 hour weeks. But real freedom: money, time and even emotional freedom.

So if this is the year that you’re going to stop talking about creating the life you want, and actually start living it instead, then connect with me, join my Facebook Group “Business Smarts with Heart“, we’re going to have a great year together creating your freedom business and freedom life!