A message about not giving up on your dreams, even when it’s hard
| Guest Post by Nic Wilson

I’m building an online business. I have a dream, but there’s been many a time when I thought, I won't go on. I am a single mother of a five-year-old girl. I have tried and failed at HEAPS of 'financially free' business ideas for the past 15 years.

I have tried all sorts of things and have been faced with absolutely everyone in my family and friends circle saying, “Here we go again” or “What is it this time?” and “You need to get a real career.”

After the birth of my daughter, their voices became even louder, as I had my baby alone. NO ONE has ever truly believed in me, my ability or my dream of being able to work location independent, to drop and pick my daughter up from school, attend school functions AND have a thriving online business where I can help thousands of people and really make my mark on the world.

The only person you truly need to believe in you, is YOU.

Absolutely no one I know, thinks it’s possible for me to achieve my dream. 

They are all hardworking 9-5 people, with University degrees, slaving in the grind of a job or their own businesses where they work more and more every day in the rat-race, with little reward trading time for money constantly.

They want me to stop trying, they want me to get something 'safe'. They want what's best for me, but they are not me! The only person you truly need to believe in you, is YOU.

We all believe in you too! Because we all have the same dream. People are scared to live outside of what they think is the safe and 'right' way to live, within the 'system' of going to school, get a good job, work hard until your 65 then retire and die.

You are not the norm! How great is that! 🙂

If you want what others do not have, you have to be willing to do what others will not.

I wake up at 5am every day to get two hours in before my daughter wakes and the busy-ness of life starts.

It kills me some days but the dream and the fire won't let me stop. I saw an awesome quote from Tom Bilyeu - "Decide how the person you want to become would act, then act that exact way, even when it's F*%! HARD!" (Excuse the French…)

I have this quote printed out and stuck on my ceiling above my bed. It's the first thing I see when I open my eyes. On the days when it’s all too much and I feel like I really want to give up (which have been plenty of days..) I rest. I am super kind to myself and remind myself, “This too shall pass.”

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who do you want to be - with Nic Wilson

Nic Wilson is a member of the Online Profits University and the creator of "Footprint English", an online language school that helps students develop the confidence to speak and understand English, in a way that allows them to follow their dreams.

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